If you're looking to export your wallet and access your Seed Phrase and Private Keys, here are a few simple steps on how to do so.

Step 1 - Click the user icon in the top right of the app and navigate to and click 'Manage Wallets'

Step 2 - Select the 'More' icon (i.e. the three dots) and from the drop-down menu click 'Export Wallet'

Step 3 - Last, a modal will appear which enables you to do the following:

Note: Never share your seed phrase or private key!

1. Copy Your Wallet Address - Users can copy their wallet address. For reference, it is the long string of slugged text (lowercase numbers and digits) below.

2. Copy Your Seed Phrase - Users can copy their seed phrase. For reference, this is a 12 or 24 set of words that make up a Seed Phrase - your Seed Phrase is very important to have as it can crypto-graphically generate your Private Key.

3. Copy Your Private Key - Users can copy their private key. For reference, this is a long string of slugged text (lowercase numbers and digits) in the same exact same length as your Public Wallet Address but has different numbers and digits. Your Private Key is what enables you to access your wallet from any NEAR-supported platform or hardware device.

For more information on adding and removing wallets, visit the article on Adding Your Wallet.