The adding a wallet process is similar to the experience users have when adding an existing NEAR wallet during the account creation process. Here's the few short steps required to add a wallet.

Note: Users can have multiple wallets in their account. However, only one can be connected at a time.

Step 1 - Click the user icon in the top right of the app screen and navigate and click 'Manage Wallets'

Step 2 - In the 'My Wallets' section of your User Profile, select 'Add Wallet'

Step 3 - Next, a NEAR-native modal will appear to Connect a NEAR Wallet - currently we offer NEAR Wallet and MyNearWallet, but more wallets will be coming soon!


Step 4 - Last, you will see a new NEAR wallet and an associated address in your User Profile. Note: This will not yet be your 'Default' account that is active for trading NFTs. Users can switch default accounts by clicking the Default button.